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freiberuflich / Contractor Automobilindustrie / Automotive Bankwesen / Banking Bau- und Immobilienwirtschaft / Real Estate Biotech Business Development

Beschreibung des Jobangebots / Job Description

About blackbear
blackbear is an online marketplace that enables companies to optimize and accelerate their business. Around the world, our Solvers can solve challenges that help companies move forward today into tomorrow's future.

Earn with your skills by solving challenges
blackbear helps you earn by tackling hands-on assignments from companies. Work on issues from great companies, grow your skills, demonstrate expertise and earn where and when you want.

Work on important issues from companies
With over 500 challenges, the blackbear platform offers you the chance to find new challenges every day that match your skills and experience. Work within different areas like Marketing, HR, Sales, IT, Business Development, Finance and more. Wherever your interests lie, we have the challenges ready for you! Stay on top of tomorrow's developments and join a global community.

What do we expect from you?
Our Solvers are critical, objective, curious and proactive. With your expertise you can help dozens of companies with their issues. You get to work on an issue that companies are facing, a so-called challenge. With your skills and expertise you can help the company by giving advice, proposing solutions or implementing changes. The duration of a challenge is in most cases about two weeks. This allows for great variety in the challenges that you carry out.

You can work on the challenges where, when and how much you want. This gives you the opportunity to solve challenges next to your current activities. The earnings depend entirely on your performance and the effort you put into the challenge. The expertise and knowledge you show, pays off directly in a higher rating and thus a higher fee.

Apply online!
As a blackbear Solver you think along with large companies and for example their sustainable strategies, marketing approaches and HR solutions. We see you soon online via https://blckbr.co/info_solver

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