Choco Communications GmbH
  • Berlin

In more than one sentence:

Currently, up to 40% of the world’s food is never consumed while 815 million people are undernourished. The supply chain is grossly fragmented, as the world population’s demand and its demands continue to grow rapidly, the food industry urgently needs to be transformed.

Our goal is to revolutionize and digitalize the entire supply chain globally by connecting all of its players, while also empowering them locally to reduce waste, meet demand, and increase their bottom line.

Today, Choco provides a free digital platform that connects restaurants with their suppliers; an effortless tool that optimises communication, eliminates operational inefficiencies, and simplifies the entire ordering process for all sides. So far we have helped tens of thousands of restaurants and suppliers across four continents, but this is only the first step.

As one of the fastest growing tech start-up’s globally, we’re moving quicker than ever, assembling the most driven, humble and intelligent people to reach the next level together.

To disrupt the status quo, we are looking for hyper-motivated hustlers, optimistic go-getters, and versatile thinkers who have the passion and determination to go to the moon together.

We know the road won’t be easy, but we’re 100% committed to our mission because we care about the world we live in and the one we leave behind.

Besides that, we are not the only ones to believe in Choco.

Founded in March 2018, we have already raised one of the largest series A of the last 5 years (Total raised $71.5M). We are backed by world leading VCs such as Coatue and Bessemer Venture Partners, as well as startup leaders and entrepreneurs who have built companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, SoundCloud, DropBox, and Delivery Hero.