Rehabiliteringssenteret AiR

Medical Rehabilitation - Occupational Comprehensive Rehabilitation.

Rehabiliteringssenteret AiR is the biggest medical rehab center in Norway, in the field of Occupational Comprehensive Rehabilitation. The clinic is a national specialist health institution, and it also includes a national center for research and knowledge within the professional field of Occupational rehabilitation.

The institution is located in a mountainous area in Southern Norway. An area known for its beautiful surroundings, offering many outdoor opportunities. There are a wide range of hiking trails and peaks, and during wintertime in this popular tourist destination you can find excellent downhill courses and cross-country skiing opportunities. The area is also known for having old cultural traditions still being present. A part of the community is stretching in to Hardangervidda, the biggest national park in Norway.
The local community is friendly, with high quality schools, kindergardens, health services and a modern infrastructure.
The center is located 200 km west of our capital Oslo. The nearest international airport is 190 km from Rauland, and there are busservices available.

The center is CARF accredited, recognized for its focus on continuous quality improvement and high-quality services ( ).

Number of employees: 85

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